Our company history - More than two decades of excellence!

CMG Associate has been providing full service EAP programs since 1988. 


2008: Produced Behavioral Health Disaster Response Training Video for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.


2008: Created 12-month middle management development program for eSecLending, an international financial firm.


2008: Provided on-site trauma consultation following fatal industrial accident at a manufacturing facility in Lousiville, KY.


2008: Provided intervention teams/resources in response to Hurricane Ike.


2007: Developed YES Program to increase professionalism and boost workplace morale in a multi-year collaboration with Shattuck Hospital, Boston, MA.


2007: Collaborated with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services Center for Staff Development (CSD)on the creation of the award-winning Management Certificate Program (MCP) for Management Development within Massachusetts government agencies.


2006: Selected as preferred vendor of training services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (PRF-29 and PRF-43).  Ongoing


2006: Collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Suicide Prevention Program on the Massachusetts Workplace Mental Health Initiative http:www.mawork-mhi.org.  Ongoing


2005: Provided trauma services and consultation to a manufacturing company in coastal Mississippi in the weeks after Hurricane Katrina.


2005: Provided intervention teams/resources in response to Hurricanes Dennis, Rita and Wilma.


2004: Provided intervention teams/resources in response to Hurricanes Charlie, Frances and Jean.


2001: Provided trauma response to numerous companies impacted by 9/11.  Worked closely with TJX Companies on  their response following the loss of seven associates.


1999: Provided trauma expertise and consultation to US companies in Turkey following a devastating earthquake.


1996: Helped found Workplace Solutions, whose development of innovative strategies for reducing workplace stress and preventing violence received a three-year grant from the Hewlett Foundation.


1993: Developed innovative management referral model EAP for TJX Companies, Inc., which was the first consultation-based model for a company with 80,000+ employees.


1992: Provided intervention teams/resources in response to Hurricane Andrew.


1991: Consulted to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), helping to establish national workplace guidelines.


1991: Responded as trauma experts for the Royal Oak shooting at the U.S. Post Office.


1991: Developed Safe Workplace Program, a violence prevention program for the U.S. Postal Service.


1990 - 1992: CMG Principal established and chaired the Task Force on Workplace Trauma for the Society of Stress Studies.


1990: Produced groundbreaking video, "Understanding Psychological Trauma," which has been widely used to educate professionals and survivors.


1989: Provided intervention teams/resources in response to earthquake in San Francisco and Hurricane Hugo.

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