"Man Therapy" with Dr. Rich Mahogany

 What’s Happening Now?  
Introducing “Man Therapy” with Dr. Rich Mahogany
The Carson J. Spenser Foundation has launched their Man Therapy campaign. Designed to reach men who may not be so inclined to seek traditional forms of help for depression and suicidal thoughts, Man Therapy uses humor to draw men to the site and provides resources for education and treatment. Explore the site, take an “18 Point Head Inspection” and let Dr. Mahogany tell you about “Gentlemental Health”.  You can access the Man Therapy site at mantherapy.org.

Dr. Cedar continues to work with The Massachusetts Workplace Mental Health Initiative (MWMHI), providing consultation and education to increase awareness regarding depression and suicide prevention in the workplace. 

CMG Associates and the MWMHI offer free educational sessions about suicide prevention in the workplace. Ask about “Managing Mental Health in the Workplace: A Workshop for Managers”.


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