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Creating a Mental Health-Friendly Workplace

mental health in the workplace

Since COVID-19 impacted the world in 2020, restrictions intended to prevent the transmission of the virus transformed the way Americans work. Pandemic-related school and business closures, transitions to remote work, and demands on essential workers left many US employees burned out, stressed, and reevaluating what they really wanted out of work and in life. Ultimately, millions of workers realized that their priorities did not match those of their employers, leading to a record number of Americans quitting their jobs. This mass exit from the workforce has been termed the Great Resignation. 

Experts say there’s no going back to pre-pandemic work-life. According to one organizational psychologist, “the pandemic brought the future of work into the present of work.” American workers have a new set of work-life priorities. Forward-thinking businesses will take note of these and adjust accordingly to attract and retain talent. 

Mental Health in the Workplace

One workplace feature that has taken significant priority is a culture built on mental health and wellness for workers. With the pandemic bringing elevated stress levels, data shows that employees demonstrate increased job satisfaction when their mental health is prioritized, and they feel cared about at work. 

For employers looking to create a mental health-friendly workplace, Made of Millions, a global advocacy non-profit committed to improving mental health perceptions, offers businesses a six-step guide. The steps include:

  1. Starting the conversation
  2. Offering accommodations
  3. Committing to confidentiality
  4. Aligning physical and mental health benefits
  5. Funding wellness initiatives
  6. Providing personalized growth plans

While these steps may seem simple, culture and policy adjustment takes time and expertise, like most change. Therefore, partnering with your employee assistance program can be a practical first step toward helping you successfully create a mental health-friendly environment in your organization. CMG Associates offers client companies the partnership and guidance to do just that. For example, CMG:

  • Conducts “Creating a Mental Health-Friendly Workplace” training for managers and Human Resource professionals
  • Provides businesses with seminars on relevant mental health topics
  • Offers in-the-moment consultations to managers and HR when they need support handling employee mental health issues

Contact us today for help designing a mental health-friendly workplace program that supports your employees and meets the needs of your business. 

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