Why an EAP

The ideal workplace is healthy, safe, and productive.  It's an environment where the talents of many combine to achieve the goals of the organization.  Even in a climate of organizational change, employees at all levels work together constructively and respectfully.


Unfortunately, this level of harmony and motivation does not always exist at work. Despite best intentions, thoughtful leadership and reasoned policies, the workplace can be stressful and not fully on track.  There are looming external factors, such as the economy and competitive markets, that affect the organization as a whole.  There are also countless personal challenges that cause individual employees to become vulnerable and distracted, such as:

  • Substance abuse 
  • Untreated depression and other mental health conditions 
  • Cultural diversity issues
  • Work and family concerns 
  • Domestic
  • Personal finance and retirement planning

When not dealt with responsively and effectively, these stress factors can have far-reaching consequences. It's not uncommon for employees managing critical personal issues to experience burnout and emotional fatigue. The decreased productivity, absenteeism, increased accidents, higher turnover, security risks, and conflict among employees can impact an organization's bottom line. 


There may also be organizational issues that emerge that require the expertise of  professionals -- a trusted and skilled individual or group whose position outside of the company provides needed perspective.  Whether it is providing staff with tools to handle the challenges of everyday life or assisting managers to handle the complexities of the workplace, an EAP can work with you to move your organization forward.


EAP services are also cost-effective.  Research has shown that, on average, employers who offer EAP have 57% improvement in absenteeism; 48% reduction in job turnover; 27% fewer worker compensation claims; 33% reduction in the utilization of health benefits; and a 65% reduction in work related accidents. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employers generally save $5 - $16 for every $1 spent for EAP-related counseling and substance abuse treatment.

CMG Associates is your partner in sustaining a productive workplace.  
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